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Hourly/As Directed Service

An ideally tailored amenity of the best nearby private car rental company, Hourly/As Directed service is perfect for when you have to catch a game, attend a meeting, visit a doctor’s office or do any other stuff you see fit for the day. Why waste time waiting for a cab or looking for a parking location when you can enjoy everything about RSTLimos Hourly/As Directed service? Exactly! Choose your car out of the array of deluxe vehicles, get a private driver, arrange your hours with the customer care team, and you are good to go! Oh, and – top the already fantastic service with the best prices in town, and you’ll see for yourself why everyone is booking their black cars with RSTLimos !

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Hourly limousine service is designed for three types of occasions:

When a passenger has a specific itinerary with certain times

For passengers who want to simply want to roll “as directed,” informing their driver “where” and “when” on a need to know basis

Passenger love the flexibility of an hourly rental

Hourly As Directed 2 - Hourly / As Directed

Hourly limousine service

As directed chauffeur service is the perfect choice for individuals who require a vehicle to be with them throughout the day. Whether you have an important meeting in the city, a full schedule business tour, or entertaining your important clients, our professional chauffeurs can help to make your day stress-free. Our drivers can be relied upon to ensure that your journey is relaxing and enjoyable, allowing you more time to do your business.
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